Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekly Market Reivew N225

N225 closed at 13,960.05 on Friday, 11-Apr-2014, loss 1103.72 (7.33%) over the last 5 days in a almost straight line down.  NKVI moved up to just above 25 on last Friday.

In last week review, I was worried that N225 continue to creep up past 15320.  It is good that it stop the creeping up.  But I didn't expect it to loss >1000 points in 1 week, breaking the past 2 months range of 14000-15320.  The next low is the 13750 in last October 2013, which could be broken on coming Monday, 14-Apr-2014.  Thereafter, it could challenge the low of 13180 on last end August 2013.

If it ever go that low, we could be seeing NKVI move above 30 like last Aug/Sep 2013.

SPX big drop of 17.39 points (0.95%) last Friday would likely bring N225 down on Monday open, testing 13750.  Volatility should also go up a bit.

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