Saturday, April 26, 2014

Weekly Market Reivew N225

N225 closed at 14,429.26 on Friday, 25-Apr-2014, lost 87.01 (0.60%) over the last 5 days, up & down directionless.  NKVI moved down to 21.96 on last Friday, the lowest for the past 3 months.

In last week review, I mentioned if we have a lower high, we may end with a lower low breaking the past low of 13750 or/and 13180.  N225 ended directionless this week.  If it goes lower in the coming week, this will be the lower high.  Let's see.

NKVI at 21.96 is the lowest for the past 3 months, with only 3 days in January were below 21.96.  Not a good time to sell options.

SPX close at 1863.40, big drop of 15.21 points (0.81%) on Friday would likely bring N225 down on Monday open.  Volatility should also go up a bit.

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