Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekly Review

Trade 1 : Buying Put Option - KO NOV2013 40 Put and KO DEC2013 40 Put

The retracement for KO was strong.  It touch the second down trend line, approaching the first resistance line at 39. 

The unrealized profit I had 2 weeks ago has become unrealized loss.  

Unrealized P&L ($):
As at 04-Oct : 355 (Nov: 240; Dec: 115)
As at 11-Oct : 157 (Nov: 134; Dec: 64)
As at 18-Oct : -100 (Nov: -70; Dec: -30)

Do I continue to hold, hoping that it will resume the downtrend movements?  Or do I cut loss now?  I will wait for the next 1-2 candles to make the decision.  If it raise and hold above the second down trend line and 39, I will close all position and cut loss.

Trade 2 : Selling Put Option - F Oct19'13 15 Put

F went up with the general market when debt ceiling lifted, government shutdown ended.  The contract expire worthless.  I got to keep the full premium of $292.29 (as stated in this post) without paying another commission to close the position.

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