Thursday, July 31, 2014

K200 added new strikes

K200 added 2 new Strikes (282.5 and 285) for both Sep11'14 and Oct08'14.  However, there is still no price quoted for Call 285 for both Sep11'14 and Oct08'14.

Although there are Bid/Ask price quoted for Call 282.5, somehow the Call Spread 280/282.5 price is not quoted or available for both Sep11'14 and Oct08'14.

While technically you can execute one leg at a time separately,  this is not the Spead you want to roll up if you are having Call Spread 277.5/280.  If you do that, you will actually changing your 277.5/280 Call Spread to 277.5/282.5.  From a 2.5pt spread to 5.0pt spread.  Your short strike remain at 277.5.  This does not improve the risk.

The next closest spread you should roll up to is 282.5/285 Call Spread (if you are holding 277.5/285 Call Spread).  However, since price is not quoted/available for 285 Call Spread, you cannot even execute the leg separately.

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