Saturday, May 24, 2014

Weekly Market Reivew N225

N225 closed at 14,462.17 on Friday, 23-May-2014, gained 365.58 (2.59%) over the last 5 days.  NKVI moved down 0.05 (0.24%) ending the week at 20.97.

N225 dropped below 14,000 twice, on Monday and Wednesday.  But it closed above 14,000 on both days.  Thereafter, it jump back to 14,500 areas.   Looks like 14,000 is holding well.

N225 is still within the 600 points range I mentioned in last week review.  In fact, it is in the mid of the previous range (in green) we discussed a few weeks ago.  Until, we see a clear break above previous high or below previous low, it is in a state of directionless.

NKVI at 20.97 is still at the lowest for the past 12 months.  This low volatility is not so good for option seller when you are looking for opportunities to sell.

SPX closed at 1900.53 up 8.04 points on Friday.  This would likely provide some push to N225 on Monday.

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