Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekly Market Review K200

Daily : Downtrend.  Lower High Lower Low.  Short-term uptrend
  • K200 is in a short-term uptrend or retracement.  Until it established a higher high, it is still in a Downtrend mode.
  • MACD has broken up.  There is a divergent at the last low.  Need to watch closely if this retracement turn a downtrend into a uptrend.

Weekly :Downtrend.
  • K200 did close above the high of the bullish pin bar.
  • MACD is still heading down and continues widening.
  • Weekly remains bearish.

Monthly : Sideway.
  • In general, it is still sideway.  However, the current bar could turn into a bullish pin bar.  Let's see.

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